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When I started teaching, the first questions they asked me was, “How did the teacher start?” “What did he study?” “What did he hear?”

Well, I felt that sharing with all the saxophonists and musicians a little bit of knowledge I acquired and the methods I used could be interesting.

For this purpose I am creating articles on this page and passing material to everyone.

I hope it’s useful!


Solos Transcription


From the habits I created early on was listening to the radio, saxophonists’ CDs or even pop music with saxophone solos and playing simultaneously with the music.

In the beginning I did not write the solos, I decorated and played repeatedly until I captured everything that was in the solos for beyond the notes. The most important thing is to imitate the sound, articulation, pitch and intent of each sentence. The notes are for me only a work object.

I advise each one of you to transcribe all the solos with which they identify, all the details you can take from each solo will make a clearer image of you and can lead you to the genius.

In the next phase I started to write all the solos that I felt were useful for me.

I leave all this material to be able to do Free Download of the scores in PDF and the respective audio. The sheet music PDF are in Eb and Bb depending on the Saxophone (Alto, Soprano and Tenor) solo.

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